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Water Treatment Plant

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Chemical Equipment Plant

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Soft Filter Plant

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Filteration Plant

water treatment plant The company has developed various water treatment technologies to provide safe drinking water.
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Perfect steel engineering is one of the pioneering Indian company exclusively engaged in the field of Water Treatment Plant over last three decades. The company developed the skills/technologies through their indigenous R&D efforts and also through foreign technical collaborations ' Perfect steel engineering ' is not only a process oriented company but having detailed engineering capabilities also. Perfect steel engineering is known as one of the leading EPC company and by now has completed over 187 projects in different areas, of Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Deminerialised Water, Flue Gas Desulpurisation, Incinerators etc.
  • Provide the best engineering & cost effective solutions to reduce the quantity of wastes that need to be disposed & reused as resource.

Facilitate discussions & inputs on current and emerging regulations, issues, trends, themes, and resources to meet the present & future challenges of environmental pollution, it’s control & reuse of waste & recoveries

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